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The Ultimate Guide to the Rolex Daytona Cosmograph

Professional drivers need precise measurements of speed over time to hone their skills, which is why Rolex introduced the Cosmograph Daytona in 1963, offering drivers the best in luxury timekeeping. Subsequently, the watch exceeded the expectations of watch enthusiasts worldwide. Today this sleek, sophisticated timepiece is highly functional...

Watch Review: Glashutte Senator Observer

Luxury timepieces send a subtle message about sophistication, class and style, making the selection of a piece such as the Glashutte Senator Observer a prudent choice. This quality timepiece is among the most elegant deck watches in the world, embodying the history of navigation. Its features, aesthetic appeal and reliable construction make...

Time Out with DavidSW

Time Out with DavidSW News that makes watch lovers tick.

Exciting Week Ahead!

Starting Monday is SIHH (Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie) for 2015. This is a convention put on mainly by the Richemont Group in Geneva to showcase some of the new and exciting pieces that will be released in the coming year. Not to be confused with Baselworld, SIHH does give a decent representation of what we can expect some of this...

WatchRecon keeps you up to date!

This week's Blog Post is about a cool App that many use to find out what we have and when we update our website here at DavidSW.com. I'm talking about WatchRecon. Admittedly, I am not that in touch with the app as my position puts me in front of fine timepieces all day, every day. So with that said, I asked a forum member about his thoughts on the...

Product Spotlight- The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept

Recently, we had the pleasure of listing an extremely rare and limited timepiece on the site. This is none other than the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept. We are very excited to have such an interesting piece and this week I will tell you a little more about it.

Happy Holidays from DavidSW.com!

The Holidays are in full swing here at DavidSW. We are packing boxes daily and working through till FedEx cannot pickup any longer! As you may have noticed, I cleaned out the "Newly Listed" file and am starting from scratch again this week. Every Sunday I will clean out the section so you may stay on top of what exactly has been added for the week.

Quick Guide Through DavidSW.com

Launch day was crazy! As you probably noticed, we encountered a few bugs that we had to work out. Fortunately everything seems to be running smoothly at this point in time. I wanted to take some time to get you accustomed to some of the new and exciting things we have that you may not have seen yet.

Welcome to the DavidSW Blog!

Thank you for visiting DavidSW! We hope you are as happy to be here as we are. It has been a lot of work and many long hours for us to be able to bring to you our new Website. But first let me tell you a little bit about myself.